Sunday, March 24, 2013

Car Talk

Just scooting along!
Cale and I headed to Fredericton this weekend for a mini vacation. Alan is touring in Saskatchewan and I had just finished up a really busy week at work, so we decided a road trip was in order. I'm not sure how most 3 year olds handle 4.5 hour drives, but Cale is turning into a great little travel companion. We chat non-stop about his current favorite topics - cars, machines and radio djs. He pointed out and named every large truck, tractor or machine we passed - 'Look mom - a big rig!', or my favorite quote, as we were passing a construction site 'I saw a builder with his head down.  He must have been looking at the building plans'. Amazing. He also asked questions about every single button or gauge in the car. He now knows what everything in the dashboard is and exactly how it works. My favorite game this trip was the radio request game. I would use my imaginary phone to call the radio station and make a request. DJ Caleb would answer and sing my song, unless of course, he was busy and he'd answer by saying 'Sorry, the radio dj is not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep - Beeeeeeep!'.

Evolution of Cale's drawings: The Monster Phase (with fingers and toes, sometimes called 'claws'!)
The countdown is officially on - only 3 more weeks until we move into our new house!! It is on Prospect Road, just outside of Halifax, on the loop to Peggy's Cove. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom house, with an amazing studio that will soon be Alan's music space. The best part of all - it is on the coast with an amazing ocean view. This will be Caleb's 4th house, and all of them have been on the ocean. I'm so happy that 'Caleb's Coastal Life' will continue and that we will finally have a place to call our very own!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My brother and sister-in-law are off enjoying a March Break trip to Cuba, so Aly and Ava are spending the week with my parents. And what does that mean? A road trip to Halifax!

Caleb had been waiting for weeks for Greggy, Linda and his cousins and to come and stay with us at the glass house. He couldn't quite believe it when the big day finally arrived. We packed in as much family fun as we could handle - Peggy's Cove, Natural History Museum, restaurants, beachcombing, concerts, a candy store and visiting with our amazing neighbours Tom and Bev (here is how amazing Tom is -he built the glass house by hand!). Alan and I even managed to have one night away to celebrate his 30th birthday. The only sad moment was when the Greg, Linda and the girls dropped Cale off at daycare on Monday morning. Apparently, with his head hung low and his lower lip stuck out, he very, very slowly shuffled his feet down the hallway and into his classroom. Mom said it was a heartbreaking (but also hilarious) scene.

Cale is a lucky boy to have such wonderful cousins. I really hope he gets to spend some quality time with his other cousins soon. Hopefully there will be a big reunion this summer...maybe even at our NEW HOUSE! Details to come once the final papers are signed!!

Peggy's Cove with Linda
Best beach finds - seaglass, pottery and a clay pipe fragment (likely made in the UK the 1800's). I've been searching for this particular beach treasure for years!