Monday, January 9, 2017

The Christmas Mouse

Here is a true story written by Caleb that tells the tale of some unexpected Christmas Day excitement! I've left most of the original spelling in!

The Christmas Mouse (by Caleb Jeffries)

On December 25, 2016, my brother Odin was SCREMING! It wasint untl somwon wint up that we notist a mouse in his room!!!!

He said 'Odin say hi mouse.'

So we took him out. When we wok up he said 'Wars (wheres) Odies mouse go?'

We didn't take him vary far.

We don't know if he cam back or we had 2 mise.

But we fawnd (found) a mouse agane (again)!!!!

We acsadintly chast it into a wall and codint get it owt!  (We accidently chased it into a wall and couldn't get it out)

Evrytime that we sat a mouse trap it got the food off it and it didn't close.

We didn't find him aftr that!

The End

Update: This story didn't capture the moment when Caleb, Odin and Linda were all huddled screaming on my bed as Alan and Greg chased the mouse around the room!  We did catch him a few days later, but another one was spotted a few days after. Time for a cat, I think!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Here we come!

Our Christmas festivities kicked off with a Santa visit at daycare. Party #1 of the season.
We were so happy that Greggy and Linda came to spend the big day with us! 
Christmas eve cheese and chocolate fondue! 
Christmas dinner made by Alan!
Stocking time!

Paw Patrol Christmas pjs got this guy in the spirit!

Lining up some of the new cars and trucks for a Christmas Day race! 
Best shot I could get of the Jeffries boys in front of our tree!
Gift of the year - we surprised Alan with a 1965 Gibson, a gift from us, my folks and Alan's folks. He was speechless! I was proud of Caleb for keeping the secret for 2 whole months. He was so excited to give this wonderful gift. 

Christmas concerts all around!
Board games and building toys for days!
Caleb received so many amazing kits to build - like this solar system mobile. The lucky boy also received a rocket (that shoots 1000 ft), lego, kinex, and more!
Happy New Year!

 New Years Eve Day hike with friends