Monday, January 28, 2013


Birdwatching at the Glass House. Such a special place to call our (temporary) home.
 Can it really be? My little baby is turning 3 tomorrow? Wow. In many ways it seems like he has been with us forever, but in other ways it completely blows my mind that he is somehow THREE years old. But what a wonderful three year old he will be. 

Caleb is smart, funny, kind and very loving. I'm sure all parents say those things, but it is true. His little personality is also revealing itself to be very detail oriented. He loves to draw and play lego, and can play for hours on his own, completely absorbed in the task at hand. But he does want things done a certain way. If he draws a circle, the ends must match up, or else he'll start again. He is super imaginative. We now have our first official imaginary friend - a tiger that sleeps on our stairs who we need to be very quiet around and always tiptoe up and down the staircase. We've decided that he is a friendly tiger and have named him 'Silly'. We also play games like 'make up a song about .....' and he is great at it. He's written some hits about stop signs, trees and dinosaurs (here is a classic - dinosaur, dinosaur, I love you, ya. You are so big, dinosaur, I want to hold your hand, but you don't have a hand, dinosaur ya, I will hold your tail, yaaaaaaa). 

We had a wonderful birthday party for him this weekend in Fredericton. Lots of family and friends. I had asked that people not worry about bringing gifts, or just something small if they really wanted to. Then, in walks our family friend 'Uncle' Eric Leblanc with a tractor, and not just any tractor (see below)! It is HUGE, but amazing and Alan admitted that was the exact toy he had wanted for most of his childhood, so I'm sure it is something that Cale will love for many years to come. 

Tomorrow we are hoping to do something special for him, but he is quiet sick with a cold today. I knew it was a no school day, when he broke into tears after refusing to eat some apple sauce and said 'I just don't know what will ever make me better'. Poor fella. If he does feel better, I think we'll take him skating on one of the many small frozen ponds around Duncan's Cove. 

Let us know if you need your driveway plowed!!
Blowing out 3 candles
I'm also super excited to announce the release of Alan's debut solo album. He had a great turnout at the Shivering Songs Festival in Fredericton this weekend for his cd release show, and I'm really, really proud of him and his record. You can check out his new website to hear some tunes (and order the cd if you'd like!).  Here's a little video that Alan did for the New Brunswick Nature Trust.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Final Farewell to Jamaica

Glass House

I'm back! After overcoming illnesses and a lack of internet at home, I'm finally back with a new blog post to share. We are now settled into our new, although temporary, home in Duncan's Cove - the amazing Glass House. It feels so good to be back in this wonderful little community and surrounded by the stunning views. We've gone from watching the sun set over the ocean in Negril to waking up to the sun rising over the ocean in Nova Scotia.  Caleb's first home was in Duncan's Cove so it is great fun to be rediscovering this special place with him.

Sun rise
As a final farewell to Jamaica, I prepared this short video. I hope you enjoy it.