Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring is here!

Marsh 'walk' with some mama friends! 
We've made it through another winter! And in Annapolis Royal, at least, it was a *fairly* easy winter to get through. We had very little snow, which meant less shoveling, but also less sliding, skating other fun outdoor winter activities. We did get some snow last week, so I made sure to get the boys to the Fort for our one and only sliding adventure of the winter. We have lots of other updates (I know it's been awhile since I've written a post) - so here it goes!

Sliding with friends
Parent-teacher night - It was a 'Student Led' session, so Caleb showed Odin and I all of the work he's been doing this year. My favourite was a weekly gratitude journal where they have been writing 3 things they are thankful for sine the beginning of the school year. Caleb had things like family, playhouse, electric guitar, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, food and friends. 

In late February, Odin went to the IWK to have tubes put in both ears. This procedure has been a long time coming, with years of ear infections, ear drum ruptures and hearing troubles. Since his ears were not properly draining, the doctor told us it is like he has had earplugs in all this time. We were really happy to finally have this corrected, and thankfully everything went smoothly and we've already we have noticed a big change in his hearing. It's wonderful to hear 'What??' a few less times each day!

Recovering. The nurses were quite amused that once he work up from his anesthetic, he asked immediately for a popsicle - not his mom! Haha. Sounds just about right!
We had another very successful Easter Eggstravaganza Event in Annapolis Royal. I volunteered to help with the planning of the event, which includes hiding 10,000 eggs  at the Fort, followed by crafts, Zumba and other free events at our local gym. Caleb revised his volunteer role of stealthily hiding extra eggs near kids who not found many yet. I saw him at the very beginning of the hunt, and didn't spot him again until almost everyone had left the Fort grounds. His once full bookbag was finally empty of eggs and he proudly said that only one parent caught him in the act!

After our big day in AR, we headed to meet up with Alan in Halifax. He's been working hard for the past few weeks at our Bayside home - painting and doing small repairs. Our last tenants have moved on, and we are switching from a long term rental property to a Air BNB/ Vacation rental. Its an exciting move for us, and hopefully with a beautiful oceanfront home on the route to Peggy's Cove, this will be a successful business model for us. It's been fun spending time again in Bayside. The boys love having a woods to explore and a bonfire pit in the backyard, and the view is truly spectacular. The house will be ready for bookings next week!!

Easter morning egg hunt in Bayside!

Forest bathing in our backyard woods

Following an evening bonfire, we were delighted to watch a full moon rise over the water in front of the house!!

Family visit to Peggy's Cove