Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Fools!

April 1st is one day that we really look forward to each year. Caleb still laughs about the frozen cereal trick I pulled on him last year, and he has been scheming with Alan for weeks to come up with a good prank for me. I knew I had to up my game from last year, especially knowing how suspicious Caleb was going to be. So, after searching the internet, I set my plans in motion and we pulled off a pretty successful morning.

My favourite trick of the day -  is that fruit juice in your mug...or jello?!? Odin didn't know what to make of it (having never seen jello before), but Caleb really got a kick out of this one!
After the jello trick, we pulled out the cereal which had been switched into different boxes (Odin's favourite joke of the day),  and followed that up with a plate of homemade  brownies (which were actually brown construction paper letter Es cut out....brown Es) and finally we pranked Alan by stuffing his shoes with kleenex. The best part of this joke was Caleb commenting on how much Alan had grown overnight (especially his feet), before asking him to put on his shoes and come outside! Haha! The joke Caleb and Alan had been plotting all week turned out to be the old 'wrap tape around the sink hose nozzle' so that when I turned on the water, the hose *almost* squirted me. Pretty good! Now I need to start thinking of things for next year! 

We've also been enjoying the warmer weather and volunteering with the organization of Annapolis Royal's big Easter celebrations which consists of 10,000 eggs hidden at the Fort, crafts, zumba, a magician and a free movie at the theatre. I brought the boys with me to the local Nursing Home last night to have the seniors help stuff some eggs for the big hunt. We had a great time, especially Odin, who managed to sit beside a sweet little old lady who, instead of stuffing the plastic eggs with chocolate, decided to  unwrap the chocolate and feed them to Odin instead! They had quite a pile of wrappers beside them before I noticed! 
New friends
Kids hike to Mickey Hill Provincial Park

Note I found from Caleb - "To Odin. Here's 80 cents for you. Youre a great bro!' Accompanied by a big old bag of pennies that Cale clearly wanted to get rid of! Sweet and hilarious.