Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Bee

The bathrobe and the Bay of Fundy
In the car this morning Caleb asked to listen to ‘Little Bee’. I told him I didn’t know that song and asked him to sing it. So he started ‘little bee, little bee, little bee, little beeeee’. Then I got it - he wanted to hear ‘Let it Be’. Of course!
Caleb is transitioning into a new class at daycare this week – preschool 2. This is a class of 2-3 year olds and although I’m happy he’ll be around older kids and will be beginning to do more age appropriate tasks, I still can’t believe his days in the baby room are so far behind him. I remember looking at the older classes when Cale first began going to daycare and I couldn’t even begin to imagine having a child that big. These were kids, not babies, and now my baby is one of them.
I know he is ready, without a doubt. His language is amazing, he is independent, confident, smart and he will easily adjust to his new class, teachers and friends. I’m a little less sure if I’m ready. I know that I’ll have a wave nostalgia when I drop him off to his new classroom on Monday morning, but I guess that is what parenting is all about. Supporting your child through all of their stages, joining in on their excitement and beaming with pride as they learn new things, dreaming about all of the things they will one day do, but still wanting to somehow slow it all down. My little bee is quickly growing up and I’m so happy to be the one by his side through it all. Let it be.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Family weekend

Aly's 9th birthday party (March 29th)

This long weekend has been all about family. It was wonderful to have Alan at home and spend four full days together. We stayed close to home most of the time with the exception of spending Saturday night in Parrsboro at Lydia and Nick's cottage. Alan and David had a show in town, so we packed our suitcase and headed out on tour! Caleb loved the oceanfront cottage, getting to spend so much time with his friends and of course, the concert. Even though they didn't start until close to 9 pm, he sat tight in my arms and enjoyed the music. He laughed out loud at David's jokes, sang along to the tunes and cheered enthusiastically when David announced 'Alan Jeffries'. I had to pretend the concert was over to get him to leave at 9:30.

Photo by Greggy

It is now Monday evening and we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of two new family members. Alan's sisters Mary and Kathy are both expecting and very likely will both have their daughters tonight! Mary will be a first time mom and I can't believe how excited I am for her to start the incredible journey ahead of her. This will be number two for Kathy. Monica was born only 3 months after Caleb, so I've felt we were going through similar stages for most of our short parenting career. But now, she will have two children and I can't quite imagine how much her life will change. Monica will be a big sister and Kathy's arms will be more full than they've ever been with two little girls wanting her attention. It makes me think about how fun it will be to see Caleb as a big brother someday. Not anytime soon, but one day we really hope to expand our family. For now, we are very, very excited for our new nieces to arrive. Can't wait for the next Jeffries family gathering!