Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moosecall weekend

Jay taxiing us from the camp

This past weekend Caleb and I headed back to NB with my Little Brother, Tyvonn, for our 3rd annual trip to Moosecall camp. It is a weekend that both Tyvonn and I look forward to all year. This year my dad and uncle Jay came along for the trip. The weather was great, we saw lots of wildlife (including a bat inside the camp), Ty caught 4 fish (no salmon, but he couldn't have been happier) and Caleb had a chance to show off his ever expanding vocabulary to his grandparents. His favorite quotes of the weekend were 'diaper off' when he wanted to play in the river naked, 'big rock', 'greggy house', 'thank you' which makes his mama very proud, and 'Tyvonn' which he must have said at least 800 times. I can't even imagine what he'll be saying on next year's trip!

The birch bark hat almost fits this year!

The Miramichi Streaker

Fishing buddies

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