Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend explorations

Hello, gecko.
I've had a busy work week with a presentation to the Negril Chamber of Commerce, a live radio interview that broadcast across the country and trying to stay on top of a few Nova Scotia-based projects that I'm still working on. Needless to say, I was very happy when the weekend arrived.

We have a new visitor this week - Patricia, another member of Alan's family who took me up on my offer to visit us in Negril. It has been great having both Patricia and Teresa here to watch Caleb, and they are both always up for adventures, so we decided to spend today touring the mountainside and checking out some attractions that Cale and I haven't had a chance to see yet.

Our first stop was YS Falls, a really lush and beautiful area in St. Elizabeth with a 7-tiered waterfall and mineral pool. We then drove across a mountain range and through an intense rain shower to visit the Appleton Rum factory where we were greeted with umbrellas and a complimentary rum punch. On our drive home we passed through 'Bamboo Avenue', a 3 km stretch of road lined with an archway of bamboo trees. We made it home and went for a dip in the ocean just in time to catch the end of a perfect sunset. Truly a memorable day.

One of the many tiers of the YS Falls 
Mineral pool relaxation. They say it takes 10 years off of your age - good news for me, but for Cale, not so much!

Need I say more??
And I have some amazing news to share - my best friend, Lydia, gave birth to her baby boy (Kai Alexander Fudge) on November 14th. I'm so incredibly happy for Lyd and Nick and feel like Caleb's bff has finally been born (that is a completely realistic wish, right?). I have already sent home a Bob Marley shirt for Kai that matches Caleb's and have been dreaming of their first photo shoot together ever since!

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Anonymous said...

I intended to ask you about the Chamber meeting yesterday and forgot. Great news about the interview - that sounds exciting.
Great news about Lydia and Nick.
Teresa and Patricia look like they are settled in nicely.
Thanks for the update.