Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Baby bliss

It's hard to believe that Odin's precious days of being a newborn are coming to an end. His '4th trimester' is almost over and he has become a full fledged smiling, responsive and happy little baby.
Having a newborn is an incredible time - yes, it is also exhausting, challenging and filled with tears, but spending every minute of your day with someone who has just entered this world is absolutely fascinating. It is a magical stage that goes by so quickly, and as this is very likely our last baby, I am feeling quite sad to see the newborn days come to a close.

Here are some of the things I love most about newborn babies:

  • Kissing the top of a bald head
  • Tiny fists wrapped around my finger
  • Coos, gurgles, oohhs and aahhhs
  • Gums and toothless grins
  • Wearing onesies 24/7
  • World's softest skin
  • Wrinkles, rolls and the little treasures that can be discovered hiding in there
  • Holding a sleeping baby in your arms. Total dead weight. 
  • And my favourite moments these days are when you catch your baby staring lovingly at you and they burst into a giant smile as soon as you make eye contact. It's amazing how bonding moments like these can actually elicit a physical response, it's like I can actually feel myself falling deeper in love with him.
And now for a little 'Welcome to the World' video featuring some clips of Odin as a newborn.

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Anonymous said...

you are killing me!! Now all I want to do is snuggle with that little guy!