Saturday, June 13, 2015


After years of dreaming, we are so happy to finally introduce the newest member of our family - Sunny, a 1986 GMC Citation 20 ft. Motorhome! We are beyond excited with our new purchase and with the many family memories that will soon be made. I have always loved the fact that Alan grew up going to bluegrass festivals with his family, staying in a camper and falling asleep to the sounds of  musicians jamming outside his window.  I love that my boys' summers will now be filled with similar experiences and memories. And my being on maternity leave means all 4 of us will be able to travel together and road trip around the Maritimes for the next few months.

 As happy as Alan and I are, Caleb is the one who is completely over the moon. In the past 24 hours since Sunny joined our family he's made bold statements such as "This is all I've ever wanted in my whole life.", "I love Sunny to death", "I can't believe this is ours - we really have our own camper!" "I love Sunnt 100% right now, and when she is all fixed up I'll love her 200%!", and my personal favourite "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Sunny!". He hasn't left Sunny's side since we bought it, and of course we all wanted to sleep in Sunny last night so we made the maiden voyage to Grammie and Grampie Jeffries' house and slept in the driveway! Cale asked before falling asleep where we were going to camp the next night. In many ways it feels like we finally have a home for our family of nomads. A space to renovate and really make our own. As Paul Simon said 'Sunny gets sunnier day by day, by day by day.'

First night at 710 McEvoy
Enough space for everyone
Brothers on the top bunk
And now for a few summer fun pics!

My happy little guy. I love his toothy grin. 

Having a laugh at the beach
The swimming docks are now in the water at our home on Kelly's Creek. We were spending all of our time by the water until Sunny came along!

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Grandma Linda said...

Where did I get this daughter? My idea of outdoor life is having ice tea on an outdoor patio of a fabulous hotel!