Monday, February 29, 2016

Photo bomb!

 I've taken a ton of great photos over the past couple of weeks that I can't wait to share. As March approaches, we are about to transition into a new routine. Odin will be 18 months tomorrow, so he can finally start attending the daycare in Annapolis Royal. His current home-care situation turned out to be great, but having him in town will make my commute time, and life in general, so much easier. This is also where Caleb goes after school and he can't wait to get off the bus and have his little brother waiting for him. I'm sure Odie will be overjoyed when 'Caco' walks in the door!

I'm also finally feeling settled in this little town. Over the past few months I've been able to make some good friends, which isn't easy these days! But I'm beginning to build a great network of moms that I really enjoying spending time with. One of our good friends lives on a farm (where we lived the summer before Odin was born), and I'm learning how wonderful it is to have access to all the joys of farm life, without having to do all of the work! This week we were very excited to visit some chicks that had just hatched from their incubator. Odin, being the little animal lover that he is, couldn't get enough of them...and the cats, giant dog, chickens and horse. Great times, and great photo ops, ensued!

Hanging with the chicks:

Odin, my viking farmer. Such a fantastic homemade hat!!
Other February fun:

Alan's birthday - complete with a homemade t-shirt! He was away for the actual big day, but we made sure to celebrate early. 
Just chillin' at a playgroup he attended with his babysitter!
Indoor picnic with some friends. The 'make your own' salad bar was a big success!
We love going to the Family Fun Nights that are open to the public each Friday at the local school. Odin can't get enough of the balls and often sneaks into the equipment room looking for more (because there just are never quite enough for him to play with!)
Hiking in Kejimkujik National Park on an incredibly mild and sunny February day. We live only 40 km from Keji and we are hoping to spend lots of time there this summer. 
Taking a break during our hike. Caleb thought Odie looked camouflaged!
Although he only has a few words, Odin can definitely find ways to tell you what he wants. Like this morning (Monday) he was determined to have us eat breakfast by candelight, and he wouldn't sit down until all the candles were lit! It was actually a nice start to my week! 


Grandma Linda said...

Great photos Ashley. Aren't we all lucky to have these little guys in our lives? It will be much better though when I win the lottery and I can build us a big house here in Fredericton so we can all live together, Adam and Ang and the girls too of course!

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2016: Hi Ash... Jay here... just catching up on your Blog... tell Caleb I said "Great Job" on the fundraising effort = well done!

Kath said...

love the pics! Tell Caleb we are looking forward to seeing him when he is home next week!! love Kathy