Monday, April 25, 2016


Picnic at Fort Anne
Warm weather, sunshine, picnics, beach walks, hikes, soccer games and ice cream! I'm so excited to say that we can finally put the cold, short days of winter behind us and start going outside more and exploring the world once again. We go outside for a family walk after supper - in the daylight! Ahhh, it feels so good.

I loved Caleb's second Spring. We were still living in Duncan's Cove and I clearly remember taking him outdoors just to let him touch the budding tree branches, throw rocks in puddles and hopefully see some birds, butterflies and caterpillars. It is so wonderful to watch this whole new world open up to Odin.
Matching hats at the beach! We had the place to ourselves for most of the afternoon. It was a wonderful chance for some low-tide beachcombing. 
Odie with his collection of shells and round rocks (aka 'Ballls!). He only face-planted  in the wet mud once, but he was determined not to let it get him down. I brushed him off and asked if he wanted to go back to the car and go home. He looked at me, shocked, and gave me his best long and drawn out 'Nooooooooo!!'
Rubber boots and rolling waves
Some of our best finds of the day. Some great textured glass (including a large piece of a bottle that had the word 'Evangeline' on it), some nice beach pottery pieces and our prize winner of the day - my first ever beach marble. Caleb was soooo impressed with the marble find, and we spent hours talking and wondering about where these items may have come from and how long they had been rolling around on the bottom of the sea. Odin was just happy that we finally found a real ball!
We have also discovered a few new local hangouts, like Valleyview Provincial Park which is only 20 minutes away. The views were amazing, and we hope to take Sunny there this summer (if the old gal will make it up the hill!). 

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