Monday, May 30, 2016

Moving on up

Proud homeowner
I haven't had much time to write lately because we've been consumed with preparations and paperwork for our big move. Tomorrow we will own and LIVE IN our very own home. We have packed and moved so many times, it is unbelievable, but knowing this is our last move for a long time makes the hard work much all worthwhile. It's amazing to think back on the 14 years that Alan and I have been together and all the places we have lived - 3 countries, 4 provinces and at least 18 places! Tents in Fundy Park and a home in PEI while I worked on research projects and Alan faithfully visited each weekend, a cabin in Kelowna, B.C while we were picking fruit for a summer, apartments in Fredericton, a hut in Madagascar, apartment in Shelburne, beautiful homes in Duncan's Cove and Purcell's Cove, a beachfront hotel in Jamaica, a very short stint in our Bayside home, 3 different places in Annapolis Royal, numerous homes during our Fredericton mat leave year...and now finally a place to plant our roots for AT LEAST 2 years! I promise.

Odie has already claimed his new favourite window seat where he can happily watch trucks and cars go by for hours!
 And a couple other cute pics:
Odin got right down on his belly to 'help' dad fix Grammie's dishwasher


Grandma Linda said...

Can't wait to visit Ashley and for you to not have to give up your bed for us!

Kath said...

We can't wait to visit this summer!!!

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to our introduction to the "newest" home.