Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall update

November is here already, and so much has happened to catch you up on. Here it goes!

1. Pre-Halloween Prep:
 Yes, we did a lot of prep to get ready for the big day. Including, but not limited to, several practice 'trick or treating' sessions and a decorating factory (Caleb's words) where we worked tirelessly pumping out ghosts, pumpkins and spooky signs! We also carved up some pumpkins which was extra special because we invited some of the kids from our Sudanese refugee family over to join in on the fun. It was interesting trying to explain what we were up to, but thankfully google provided me with some photos to show the kids, and then we got down to business. I had the kids draw faces on the pumpkins and I carved them out exactly as they were drawn. We placed candles inside and turned off the lights so the kids could appreciate the full effect of their creations. The results? Hilarious.
Hugging a baby pumpkin
2. The big night:
Following our practice sessions, Odin knew that he had to knock on a door and say 'trick or treat' but he was absolutely not prepared for the number of times he would actually get to do this and the crazy amount of candy that he would be awarded with. He could not believe it. The first two or three houses he said his 'trick or treats', then he began running up to front doors basically yelling 'Candy!! Candy please!'. He also turned out one of his first complete sentences 'Mom! Odin has candy!'. He was dressed as an adorable lion and grew quite concerned when someone asked him if he was a real lion - "Oh, no! Costume.' He replied very seriously. He then proceeded to tell each homeowner we visited that he was not a real lion, it was, in fact, only a costume. Too cute.

Caleb was a perfect little vampire. He waited patiently for his little brother, helped him up stairs, introduced himself to new neighbours he hadn't met yet, and then rushed home to take part in handing out candy. He was literally yelling with excitement every time someone knocked on our door, which *may* have had something to do with the amount of sugar he had just consumed! He also immediately set up a Candy Store on our couch and very generously offered to sell me things for only $1 each! Little did he know I was instead  planning to just steal things after he went to bed.

A beachcombing photo op for my Instagram page! Odin wore this yoda hat to daycare and insisted on keeping it on all day, even at nap time! 
He switched into his lion outfit at night.

Being 'fierce'!


3. Parties!
Our friends hosted a big Harvest party and potluck dinner on their farm and it was a blast. Lots of old games like bobbing for apples, tug-of-war and three-legged races. The games, great food, great company and a farm full of animals made for a great Autumn day.
We also had a couple of fun birthday parties to attend including one with a tractor ride through an apple orchard! A true Annapolis Valley experience!

This is very difficult if you have no front teeth!

Little brother had to give it a try!

Farmer for a day!
Tractor ride!

4. Beautiful weather!
 We've had an absolutely beautiful October with mild weather and evenings that are still light enough to enjoy some outdoor time before bed. We tried to make the most of it with a few post-dinner hikes.

Playing Hide and Seek!


Nancy McEachern said...

What a wonderful post. These kids are making soooo many memories. Great parents and friends help with that too. Thanks Ashley.... looking forward to seeing all next weekend.

Kathy said...

Love the update! Enjoy the candy and see you soon! Kathy

Grandma Linda said...

Wow! Just saw this post Ashley. I was right there with you all. Thanks!