Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Holiday recap

All dressed up for a family Christmas dinner at Kings Landing!
Wow, what a special Christmas vacation we had this year. We had a house full of singing, baking, decorating and excitement for a week. We had friends over on Christmas Eve, then spent a magical next few days storm-stayed at home, playing with all of the kids' amazing new gifts by the fire. Legos, magnetiles, puzzles, board games, monster trucks and even a skid steer - the one thing that Odin had asked for.

It was so nice to spend a weekend celebrating with family in Fredericton before Christmas. Here Uncle Roland and elf Odie are looking particularly festive!
Someone was a bit excited on Christmas Eve!
We did our annual 'Christmas cookies for neighbours' on the 23rd. To our great surprise, one of our neighbours was anticipating our visit and had these two amazing nutcrackers waiting by the door for the boys! These were two of the best presents we received.

Wild haired Odin and his prized Skid Steer from Santa on Christmas morning. 

After a few days of relaxing together, we jumped in the car and headed to the Halifax airport for a weeklong trip to Tulum, Mexico with my parents and my brother's family. We couldn't have asked for a better week to get away, or a better destination. The resort was beautiful with great food and lots of activities for us all. We spent our days playing on the beach, swimming in the waves, paddle-boarding, kayaing, snorkeling, eating at amazing buffets and restaurants and drinking daquiris in the sun. We all loved the Mexican culture and the many iguana, gecko and coati sightings. Odin loved the airplane and driving up front in the many golf cart trolleys that would zip you around the resort. Caleb loved snorkeling, playing with his cousins, learning Spanish, souvenir shopping and the all-inclusive drinks! He was only a bit disappointed to learn that the gift shops were not all inclusive! We had many, many laughs and made so many wonderful family memories that we will all cherish. Here are a few photos:

Arriving at the airport in Cancun

Corona on the bus to our resort

Family selfie, featuring some new vacation shades!

The resort was very well decorated for the holidays

New Years Eve photo shoot!

All the ladies!
New Years decor

Sombrero twins!

Beach buddies - Cale and Ava didn't look up for hours. The kids all had a such a great time together. 

One of Caleb's souvenir purchases, with coatis in the background!

We left the resort a few times to check out some local sites. The Tulum ruins were a highlight of my trip!

Tulum ruins and that gorgeous turquoise sea 
Cousin love

Cousin love part 2

Thank you Mexico!!

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