Monday, May 17, 2010

Crying baby saves the day

Tomorrow Alan is heading to Toronto for a few days, so we decided to make today an adventure day and take a drive out to the Eastern Shore. We stopped for lunch at Wharf Wraps in Eastern Passage, home of amazingly delicious fish and chips. On the way back, while we continued our leisurely drive daydreaming about buying nice properties, we saw the flashing lights. We had been caught in a speed trap, going slightly over the limit. After being in a great mood all day, Caleb conveniently started crying about one minute before we were pulled over. The cop was nice enough to sympathize with our situation and let us off with a warning. We gave Caleb high fives as we drove away and right on cue, he cheered up again!
Yesterday, Alan and I found a new path that lead us directly across the cove from our place. Here are a few of the photos we took.

Home sweet homeSome of the one of a kind homes hand built by Tom Grove,
who still lives in the Cove.

Our community


Grandmalinda said...

Looks like he's really enjoying those fish and chips!

Kathy said...

Ashley, I got stopped last night for speeding with Mon in the back! First time ever being pulled over. I was willing Monica to start crying, but she was perfectly content and happy. I told the officer I was nervous about driving with her for just the second time, which was true, and wasn' paying attention to my speed. But I didn't tell him I was also WAY too much into singing along to Fleetwood Mac...he let me off with a warning. It is because our kids are so darn cute! :-) That one of you and Caleb eating is sweet!

Ashley said...

That's so funny, Kath! Who knew our little ones would come in so handy?? So many benefits to having babies!