Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

The celebrations for my first Mothers Day began last night with a nice dinner and a relaxing glass of wine. I had enough milk stored up to allow me to be 'off duty' for part of the night. To complete the mood, the power went out so we spent part of the evening by candlelight. Alan's offer to let me sleep in the studio while he looked after the night feedings was the best gift I could have asked for.

We are just getting through a serious 3 month growth spurt where Caleb wanted to eat every 2 hours, day and night for the past 5 days. It was physically and mentally hard on me because I felt like he was reverting back to a newborn and the lack of sleep was getting really difficult. Thankfully, I decided to call the public health breastfeeding help line which is an amazing service for new moms, and I was reassured that this was very normal behaviour and that it would soon be over. Of course, it took Alan offering to look after him for a night for him to decide to sleep 6 hours straight, so I guess the growth spurt is over! I did have an amazing sleep in the studio and after a nice bath this morning while the house was being cleaned, I now feel like a brand new woman!

My first three months of being a mom have been such an incredible experience, especially with such a great and supportive partner. Raising Caleb has really been a tag-team effort for us. I'm so excited to watch Caleb develop into a little boy and to cheer him on during every small step of the way. Caleb has become such an essential part of our happiness and I feel so fortunate to get to spend the rest of my life as his mom, through the growth spurts and all.

PS. Happy Mothers Day to Grammie Jeffries and Grandmama Linda!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, your post made me cry a little (just a little). He is such a cutie and looks like a Sprague. Sounds like your having so much fun with him!

Uncle John Booker said...

Hello Ashley,

This is the first photo in which Colleen can see a bit of a Sprague family resemblance. Colleen thinks that Caleb looks like you in the eyes and forehead.


Anonymous said...

He sure is a happy boy......Mom looks happy too!
He looks almost big enough to be gettin' at the Kraft dinner & wieners.....won't be long!
Lots of love, Grampie J.

Dr. Jillian Murphy said...

Ashley! Congrats!!!! Your first Mother's Day (although, the one when you're pregnant counts in my books!). Such a beautiful boy:)

Thanks for the support. I have officially added your blog to my daily reading list:)
I look forward to all of the updates:)