Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family fun weekend continued

How to stay cool on a summer's day

This is our last full weekend that we will spend in Duncans Cove, so we decided to let Friday's family fun spill over to the rest of the weekend. It happened to be Sou'Wester Days in Sambro, a neighbouring fishing community, so we decided to head to the festival to see what it was all about. On Saturday, we played 'duck pond', 'chocolate wheel' and other games, all purely for Caleb's enjoyment, of course! We also went into a giant bouncy castle, which he was hesitant about at first, but once he saw his mama bouncing away and having a great time, he figured it must be safe and started enjoying himself. The highlight of the day was when some firemen noticed Caleb pointing at the fire hall and saying 'fire truck', so they very kindly showed us around and even let us hop right inside of a truck, which made for one extremely happy little boy.

Hi dad!

On Sunday, while Caleb was napping, I went to the community wharf to witness the 'Blessing of the Fleet'. I've heard of these events taking place around Nova Scotia, but had never been able to attend one so I had no idea what would take place when I arrived. During this centuries old ritual, a priest blesses the fishing fleet to ensure a safe and bountiful season. A Coast Guard boat led about 50 fishing and sailing boats, with their families on board, out of the harbour to the open ocean where the priest says a blessing over the VHF radio. Although I stayed on the dock, it was still quite a sight to see. To top off our super fun weekend, we went to the local church for a community lobster chowder dinner complete with delicious chowder, fresh rolls and strawberry shortcake.

Heading out to sea

As we attempt to help Caleb learn and experience new things each day, I love that we end up at places like fairs, parks and petting zoos. One of my favorite things about parenting is that it makes you prioritize having fun. A big part of our job now is to play, whether we are chasing each other in the yard, racing cars, throwing balls, dancing, singing, coloring or watching cartoons, being a parent makes you a kid again and I don't know if Alan and I have ever had quite so much fun.

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