Monday, July 9, 2012

2.5 and no more diapers

This month Caleb will officially be two and a half, and I'm very happy to say that he started wearing underwear this week! We are going cold turkey at daycare and at home. No more diapers (except at bedtime), because as Caleb says 'you can't wear diapers in Jamaica!'. His daycare has been amazing, and day one in underwear went really well. No accidents until 4:00 after they'd been playing outside in the sun and drinking lots of water. We had an ice cream party on our deck to celebrate his progress. I love how proud he is of becoming older and learning new things.

Ice cream party!
He's been spouting out lots of amazing quote these past few weeks. My favorite was when he was playing with his 'little sister' who happens to be a wooden owl. I asked what the sister's name was and he said 'Caleb Jeffries, we match!!' He also fell asleep on the couch last week and when he woke up he said 'Hey guys, it's me! Caleb Jeffries!' .We've also been talking a lot about dreams and this morning when I asked him what he dreamt of last night he said "Oh just bears, butterflies, watermelons and juice boxes!".

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Grandma Linda said...

Can't wait to see him Friday. But I'll keep him outside on the grass all the time just in case:)