Monday, July 23, 2012

Family vacation!

One week in New Brunswick. 
Two nights alone with Alan at Moosecall. 
Two best friend weddings (on the same day). 
Two lost flip flops on different rivers. 
Four cousins to play with.
Many naps, bbqs, swims, bonfires, popsicles and great times with friends and family.

Only slightly excited to begin our vacation!
Let's hit the road!

Cow and calf that spent the evening with us at Moosecall. 

Bouncy castle with cousin Monica

Pool party the day before Greg and Tanya's wedding

Hammock life is the good life

Party boat on Harvey Lake

Cale driving the boat (before he peed on Nick's lap!)


Kathy said...

That is a lot for one week! Yay Summer Vacation!!

Gramdma Linda said...

You didn't mention another highlight - Caleb waking Greggie and Linda up at 4 a.m. for a snack and asking for a little pillow to lie on the sofa and watch "Dora" and Mom and Dad trying to sneak in from the wedding and catching us all up in front of the TV. It's a good thing we don't charge much for babysitting, we'd probably be fired!

Uncle John said...

What a sin ... poor little Caleb. Imagine Gram & Gramp keeping him up all night watching tv...

I guess good babysitters ARE hard to find...