Monday, August 11, 2014

Last days as a family of 3

Father and one son
 It's been 4.5 wonderful years since our journey as parents began. Everything I could say about how wonderful it has been seems so cliche, but it is all true. Being a mother has been the most wonderful, rewarding, fulfilling, and at times challenging thing I've ever done and very soon I'm about to do it all over again. I'm so excited for our family to grow but I'm also feeling a bit nostalgic as well. Life as a family of 3 has been so great and Caleb has been such an amazing son, I just can't quite imagine adding another little person to our lives and loving him as much as I love Cale.

It will be great, of course, and I hope it will be a smooth transition for all of us. We have fallen into a great, simple routine with Cale. Life with a 4 year old is great! No diapers, no naps, no preparing special meals, great conversations, family adventures we can all enjoy....and the list goes on. It is tough, however, being a constant playmate to an only child, so I think having a little brother will make life a lot easier in many ways....a few years down the road, that is. My biggest fear is that Caleb is too attached to me and it will be hard for him to see so much of my attention devoted to someone else. Hopefully, we'll all handle it well and I know there will be enough love to go around. I just hope my heart doesn't explode when I finally get to hold my two boys in my arms.

And now for some summer shots!

All grown up...
Presenting...Caleb Jeffries and the Humpbacks!
Whale watching off of Digby Neck! We also saw a 25 foot basking shark right beside the boat. Amazing!
Captain Cale
Family of 3!

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Lydia said...

Tear jerker! Enjoy your last days of being a family of 3. Can't wait to meet the new little mister.