Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brotherly love and motherly musings

Sleeping beauty (thanks to Aunt Sarah for these great shots)
Three weeks in and Odin's life has been filled with family love. Being back in New Brunswick means being surrounded by family, and it is wonderful.  We spent last weekend at Aunt Teresa's farm with 3 cousins, 5 aunts, an uncle and Grammie Jeffries. We get to see more cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents nearly every day. Watching Odin grow is a special time for all of us.

Caleb received his very own guitar as a big brother gift from his Aunts Nancy and Joan. He was incredibly impressed and has been playing his first original tunes for us - "I lost my pick" and "Cat in the dingle"
Gearing up for his first concert with cousin Monica. Caleb couldn't believe it when we all threw coins in his guitar case after the show!!
Cousins stopping to chat while on a solo stroll
Several things about having a newborn are coming back to me:

-  always remember check to make sure the shoulders of your shirts are free of spit-up before leaving the house
- babies tend to wake up the moment you sit down to eat a meal
- hands-free time is a hot commodity and it is amazing what a new mom can get done in only 5 minutes without a baby in their arms
- I, and maybe all breastfeeding moms, tend to feel like a human soother most of the time. It's tough when a baby wants to feed all the time. I remember having a lot of doubts with Caleb (am I feeding him too much? Is he getting enough to eat? Do I use feeding too quickly as a way to soothe him?). This time around I'm trying not to worry about it so much and am instead just doing what feels most natural to me and to Odin. Which seems to be feed. A lot.

And now for some big brother love:

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Grandma Linda said...

Ahhh, makes me cry and I see them every day!