Monday, October 20, 2014

Babies be crazy

Pre-bath (you may notice I've gain 3 lbs in my cheeks and chins alone)
Post-bath (not quite the relaxing experience I was hoping for)
We are 7 weeks in and at times it feels like Odin and I are really figuring each other out, but at other times it still feels like I still have no idea what my little guy needs. His overall mood is definitely improving and I receive more smiles everyday, but I'm still on edge a bit when I take him out, knowing that a meltdown could suddenly appear without warning. I had a chance to talk to my best pal Lydia about this and she told me about a blog she had recently read where a mom had developed a mantra for whenever she just couldn't figure her new baby out - 'Babies be crazy'. I loved it and I'm now saying it often to myself when Odie won't sleep/stop crying/settle down. Well, babies be crazy, so I shouldn't get myself too worked up about things.  It turns out the actual blog post said 'babies be babies' which I like, but not nearly as much as 'babies be crazy', so I'm sticking with that one!

We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving weekend and I was especially impressed with my superstar husband who cooked an entire turkey dinner for 11 people on his own! What  a guy. Everyone loved it, especially my mom who does not like cooking. She thinks she has hit the jackpot for every future holiday dinner...finally a family member who can cook and actually enjoys it!

The best part of the dinner was having everyone say what they were thankful for. My 11 year old niece decided she should emcee the event, and after she read her thanksgiving speech, she introduced us all and invited us to share what we were were giving thanks for this year. I had many reasons to be particularly thankful this year - Alan's great cooking, my parents for being so generous in letting us stay at their house for 2 whole months, being in Fredericton and getting to spend so much time with family and most of all my two healthy, wonderful little boys. When Caleb's turn came around he jumped up and said 'My name is Caleb Austin Jeffries and I'm thankful for my good guy/bad guy detector (see below) and for my baby brother'.  The order of his priorities were clear.

Caleb has been 'inventing' up a storm these days. He heads into my dad's workshop and the two of them work away on making Caleb's 'designs' come to life. He has also reached a major milestone this week - riding a bike without training wheels. He is so proud as he whizzes my us. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up.

Good guy/Bad guy detector complete with fingerprinting, DNA testing (hair sample), camera and lie detector
Learning some tricks from cousin Malcolm over Thanksgiving weekend
Why hello there aunt Mary!
Catch me if you can!
Learning rhythm with the best piano teacher ever
Sleeping in...a glimpse of about 13 years in my future!


Grandma Linda said...

It's so wonderful having you and your amazing family here Ashley. I am already sad you are moving just 5 kms away for the winter!

Kathy said...

Great post! Love Caleb's invention!