Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four months young

Our little fella just keeps getting cuter in his old age

Odin has been busy growing and learning. In the past 8 weeks he has grown 8 cm and gained nearly 4 lbs. He is knocking off milestones like nobody's business. He has an ever growing repertoire of sounds, is settling into a nap routine, he can reach and grab things with a surprisingly high success rate and he rolled over for the very first time last week.  Reliving these stages has been incredibly fun and absolutely fascinating. Watching his little hands reach out and latch onto a toy is just amazing, realizing he has dipped his hands into my bowl of chilli is a little less amusing but somehow incredible at the same time!

Caleb is thriving as well. He'll turn 5 at the end of the month and his independence, intelligence, memory, thoughtfulness and humour astounds me everyday. I love that his journey now includes a little brother - his partner in crime and sidekick for life. I've had the opportunity to witness some incredibly tender moments between the two of them, like seeing them hold hands in the backseat of the car, hearing Cale sing and talk sweetly to Odin if he needs to be calmed and watching as Cale cheers him on as he attempts new things. Life in this moment is truly wonderful. 


Grandma Linda said...

Life is wonderful for us too Ashley with your family all here. And now I can announce to you and the world- a big surprise: we are buying one of Nick's pods to put in our back yard so you can live close to us forever!!

Uncle John said...

You can sure tell that Odin is a Jeffries boy. He looks so much like Grampy - especially in all these photos of him in his red outfit.