Monday, December 29, 2014

Tis the season

Christmas eve with Grampie Jeffries
Christmas for a 4 year old is an incredibly magical time. It's so fun seeing our family traditions being passed on to the next generation and to watch as the excitement builds in anticipation of the big day. It was especially nice this year to be in Fredericton and not feel rushed. We had plenty of time to spend with family and friends and still managed to find time for naps and puzzles.

Someone was excited to help decorate the tree!
Caleb received the one gift that he had asked for this year - a microscope so that he can see what a germ looks like!  I love that he is such a mix of Alan and I - part scientist, part musician and part his own quirky little self! He also was given some other wonderful gifts like walkie talkies, Star Wars lego, books, craft supplies and a magic kit. Needless to say we've been having a lot of fun around here lately.

As cousin Aly says, Caleb might grow up to be a 'sweater vest' kind of guy! 
Santa's little helper

Caleb and Aly's original Christmas Song (This was sung several times, to several different people, over the holidays)

Aly: What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Caleb: Spending time with my family
A: What's your second favourite thing about Christmas?
C: Decorating the Christmas tree
A: What's your third favourite thing about Christmas?
C: Giving presents
A: What's your fourth favourite thing about Christmas?
C: Getting presents but I don't really care!

Caleb's 2014 Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
 I'm Caleb. I would like a microscope for Christmas. I am 4 years old. I like inventing. I like sports. I like concerts, especially when I am in them. I like playing the piano the most and I like singing and guitar.
 I have a new little brother, just so you know. His name is Odin and he is a very good boy.
 We live in Fredericton. I would like a tool set please. We'll leave some cookies for you.
Thank you,
Caleb Jeffries

Even superman needs a nap over the holidays! Thanks to Mary, Jenn and Amelia for the adorable suit! 

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Grandma Linda said...

My 4 wonderful grandchildren made this the best Christmas ever!