Monday, December 22, 2014

Spreading the joy

The happiest and chubbiest little Santa around!! This suit just kills me!

Caleb's first Christmas concert. He played Jingle Bells on the piano and sang Silent Night with his dad
It's Christmas week and the holiday fun has really taken off around here. Christmas parties, concerts, baking, gift making, dinners and more! My favourite moment so far has been taking the kids to St. Ann's Court, a senior care home in Fredericton where my great Aunt Ellie lived for several years. We loaded up on candy canes, dressed Odie up in his Santa suit and set off to spread some holiday joy. We arrived just when everyone was finishing up their lunch and after being introduced by the facility manager, we made our rounds through the tables handing out treats, singing songs and making many people very, very happy. Caleb was amazing - offering up hugs and accepting kisses from strangers. Even little Odin was absolutely perfect - happy to let anyone hold him, sharing some smiles and melting hearts all over the place. Many of the residents said we had made their Christmas, and I couldn't agree more.
After waving us over to her table, this lovely lady told me she would me to take her photo with the baby! I was more than happy to snap this pic and delivered a print to her the next day - free of charge (of course!!)
We were happy to see an old family friend who recognized my voice, which she said sounded just like my mom's!
Making new friends

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This just melts my heart! I love you guys so very much and I am so happy we are Family!