Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family Photo Shoot!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Aunt Sarah took some family photos for us in O'Dell Park. I absolutely love how they turned out! Hope you enjoy them!!

This one warms my heart! 
Proud papa!
Hi dad! 
True love!
And then, not to be outdone, this week my parents decided they should have some photos taken with their grandchildren. Note, no children were invited to take part. We know who their favourites are these days!


Tara said...

Ashley, these are all such gorgeous photos - you must bet thrilled! (Well done, Sarah!) I have to say, Odin's got a pretty expressive face for such a little guy :)

WendyV said...

Hi Ashley! Beautiful photos of you and your lovely family. Nice to see you all and to see how great you are doing. We miss you here in Cornwallis though! Looking forward to meeting Odin and seeing you all again.
Wendy :)