Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday!

My little fella turns one today. Happy Birthday to our amazing little man, Odin Alistair Jeffries. I love your smile, your laugh and even your heartbreakingly adorable pout. I love how you stare, completely transfixed at strangers until they can't help but smile. You love being in the middle of the action, surrounded by people, sights and sounds. You have learned to cuddle and you love to share your hugs and kisses with your family. You are totally taken with your big brother. He will be your best friend and partner in crime for life. I especially love how you have made our little family feel complete. Here is a post dedicated just to you!

All about Odin at age 1:

Eyes: hazel, with more green than brown on most days
Hair: brown and curly! Yay!
Teeth: 12 (including 4 molars)
Favourite food: blueberries and bacon. Basically he would be very happy eating only fruit and meat all day
Favourite toys: No one real favourite yet, but he loves playing with rocks (and taking an occasional taste test),  instruments, emptying and refilling the toy basket and he shows a very keen interest in just about anything Caleb is playing with
Interests: Music and dogs. He can't seem to stop himself from clapping and dancing when music hits his ears, and he is completely fascinated with dogs. He will bark and shout until he gets our attention and we agree to take him over to say hello.
Words: Mama, dada and bop!
Signing: He is really getting the hang of sign language these days and consistently signs for 'more', 'drink', 'all done' and he'll throw out the 'dog' sign once in awhile
Mobility: Not walking yet, but he is starting to 'cruise' around on his feet by holding onto chairs and couches. He has mastered a high speed crawl and has very recently discovered stairs. He is fearless and determined to climb over everything in his path. I forgot how exciting and terrifying this stage can be!
Sleeping: Still co-sleeping with his mama, but now that we are home and getting settled back into the real world, we are working towards longer stretches in the crib. I must admit, I will miss having him in my arms at night, but I think the time has come for both of us. It's been a good run, buddy.
Daycare: Alan is on daddy daycare duty until mid-Sept when he heads off on tour. Odie will then go into home care with a friend of ours until he is 18 months and gets a full time spot at our local daycare.  He just spent his first full day without me and I am extremely happy to report that despite my fears, he was perfect. Not one tear was shed by either of us. I guess he really is growing up.

We love you so much, Odin. I can't wait to share my life with you and watch you as you grow. Your first year was one of the happiest years of my entire life. Thank you.
Signing for more carrot cake on his early birthday party at Greg and Linda's in mid-August
Family fun in Fundy Park

Sporting a new leather birthday jacket from Grampie John!
Camping in Sunny at Rogersville - his 5th festival of the summer!

Amazing shot by Aunt Sarah at Teresa's farm.
And now for a short birthday video:

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little man... and thanks to mom for the blog. Seems like a long time since you entered our lives, but it's only a year... and it really went by at a very rapid pace. Love you....