Monday, October 5, 2015

Ode to Odie

I was going to write a blog all about Odie, but then Caleb lost his first ever tooth! I sure hope the tooth fairy finds us in our hotel room in Antigonish tonight!

And now back to Odin...
Odin's usual smiley face
Odin's new (and hilarious) facial expression that he has been flashing at us non stop for the past 2 days.
At 13 months, Odin's personality is really starting to shine through. Not only is he an absolutely adorable and charming little boy, he is also turning into quite the little ham. (A mini John Jeffries, if you will.) He has added so much laughter to our home and it is wonderful to watch both of our little boys squealing with joy together. Most of the time, Caleb and Odin get along wonderfully well. Caleb is so patient and kind, and extremely proud of his little brother. But Odin is still a baby and he is a rough and tumble little fella at that. The only time Caleb gets frustrated is when Odin gets a little too curious about Caleb's many building projects. He loves nothing more than knocking over a tower Caleb that has intricately built...or dumping out a newly put-away box of toys, or pulling every single book off of a book shelf, or emptying the contents of a garbage get the picture, I'm sure! I often find myself saying that we have one builder and one destroyer in the house.
Odie is not yet walking, but he is getting VERY close. He's seen here mastering the advanced bum-up crawl position, also known as 'the gorilla'!
Not only is Odin a one-man-wrecking-machine, we recently learned during his 12 month doctor's appointment that he is also a giant (which could be a helpful if he continues to pursue a career in destruction). He measured in the 99th percentile for height and head circumference, and 75th percentile for weight. We couldn't be more in love with our almost-walking, tower-crushing giant. Here he is trying a walker for the first time with Aunt Sarah.

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