Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hi guys! 
My little boys are bonding and it is one of the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. At 14 months, Odin is finally able to truly participate in our family fun. Actually, he is often the centre of the fun, making us all laugh with his words, sounds, games and hilarious actions/reactions. I don't think our home has ever been so filled with laughter. It feels like we actually have 2 kids now, as opposed to one kid and one baby, and it turns out that having two kids is great!! 

One of my favourite parts of my day is bringing Odin with me to pick Caleb up at his after-school program. Odin looks around the room filled with kids, wiggles to get out of my arms and literally runs over to give his brother 'Cay' a hug. Odin will cuddle up close with his head against Caleb's chest and start 'patting' his back. Cale loves the attention and especially loves that the other kids are watching this public display of affection from his baby brother. Even the teachers' hearts melt because they are just so darn cute! 

Odie also loves to wrestle with his big brother and Caleb absolutely delights in placing Odin on top of him so they can laugh and roll around together. I love moments when I catch sounds of their laughter from another room. Knowing they are on their own and having fun together. It's so wonderful, I can only hope this camaraderie lasts for another 10 years at least...hopefully it will last for an entire lifetime.

Action shot!
I also had a chance to bond with my significant other this week. With Alan about to embark on a 5 week tour, I decided to take a day off work to spend quality 1 on 1 time with my husband. It has been well over a year since we have had more than 2 hours alone together, so it was a long overdue date day. We tried to make the most of it  - kicking things off with a Bay of Fundy beach walk, breakfast and a Christmas shopping spree in the big city of Digby, followed by some home cooking and a nice long nap.  Ahhhhh, I'm relaxed just thinking about it. The day was not overly adventurous, but it felt wonderful to reconnect, and I didn't have even a single ounce of guilt about leaving the kids in childcare while we were having fun on our own.

Exploring the Natural History Museum in Halifax last week. Alan took the kids on a day around town while I was in meetings. 
And now for some video fun! I love saving my photos and videos on this blog so that I can share them with my friends and family, but also so I know where to look for them when I want to see them. We've recently gone back through some of Caleb's old videos on here, and it is so fun to see him learning to walk and talk. It's great to capture these amazing moments because they go by so incredibly quickly. Here is Odin saying a few new words, with his brother's help (of course):

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Grandma Linda said...

So sweet. I've been watching for a new blog every day. Can't wait to see you!!