Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Our first Halloween with two little ones to dress up was a huge success. I know Odin came with us last year to a few houses, but I must not have had the energy to attempt a cute infant costume for him. I made up for it this year, though! Caleb insisted we all wear costumes and go trick-or-treating as a Star Wars family. I now believe the main reason for this family costume choice was because Cale wanted a lightsaber to play with - but I was fine with that. I found one that admittedly is very cool - it lights up and even makes the 'swooshing' sounds. Pretty sweet.

We kept the costumes very simple - I attempted the Princess Leia hair, Alan donned a Darth Vader mask, Caleb dressed as Luke Skywalker thanks to a 4$ Frenchy's costume find, and Odin was the show stopper dressed as baby Yoda. I clothes-pinned green cardboard ears to a green hoodie, put a bathrobe overtop, and voila! - baby Yoda was born. The only trick is that  Odin nowwants to walk up to houses and say 'hi' whenever we are outside! He loved the 'greeting your neighbours' part of the evening, and he even had a few Cheesies at the end of the night, so overall it was a pretty special holiday for him.

The force is strong with this one


John Booker said...

Great Halloween photos Ashley. I think the "Star Wars Family Photo" should be this year's family Christmas card!

John Booker

Kathy said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...