Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It's that time of year again! Meeting Santa at the annual Annapolis Royal Tree Lighting ceremony.

We awoke to our first light dusting of snow this morning and it has got me feeling a lot like Christmas! I've done most of my holiday shopping, we've started our annual advent calendar tradition, we've decorated the house, written our letters to Santa....but now that we have some snow - I'm ready to fully embrace the holiday season. This year will be a special one. Odin is fully on board with all things Christmas. He is singing carols, talking about Santa, watching the Grinch (who has become his new favourite character, along with his beloved Gruffalo) and admiring the wonderful trees and lights around town.

Odin knows he'll be getting some presents and when asked what he would like Santa to bring him, he excitedly says 'An excavator and a cookie!'. Caleb would like 'anything that uses electricity that he can build himself and will move, like a rocket'! A pretty good representation of our lives in 2016.  I'm planning a 'mom and Caleb' day on Friday for us to finalize our shopping, get our tree, and spend a fun day together. I can't wait to decorate the tree with the boys and add a little more Christmas magic to our home. When Alan returns home from tour on the 18th, he'll be greeted by a winter wonderland.

Getting out some decorations!

Our friend's hosted a Christmas party and candy cane hunt. Odie found one and proceeded to sit down and eat it - the hunt was over for him!

We watched some friends last weekend while their parents were out of town. They ran into some snow on the drive home and didn't get back until later than expected. All 4 kids fell asleep together by the fire, and my heart grew three sizes!

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