Wednesday, July 14, 2010

B is for Bob

I fell in love with this onesie when I first saw it for sale last summer in Ottawa. It was the first baby outfit I had purchased for Caleb and I didn't even think to look at the size. I just held it up and thought 'this will fit a baby' and bought it. I realized when I tried to put it on him after he was born that it is actually 12-18m! Funny how little I knew about babies only 6 months ago! I'm glad to say it fits now and it makes me happy to see our little man as a proud Marley fan! My dad thinks we should get a whole set of them - J is for Jerry Garcia, T is for Tony Rice, D is for David Myles...

Our little rasta!

Two new birds for the list this week - gray jay and magnolia warbler. I saw them both in a heavily wooded area across the highway while out on a extra long dog walk. I was trying to get Cale fall asleep in the carrier instead of while nursing, but he stayed awake until the last 10 minutes of the one and a half hour walk!

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