Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inside the mind of a two year old

We had a wonderful taste of Spring last week that now seems like a distant memory. I had to return early from a workshop in Cape Breton last night due to a winter storm warning and only days ago Caleb was in a swimming pool, OUTSIDE, with his friends at daycare! Unreal. Thankfully, Grammy Jeffries made the trip from Fredericton to help with Caleb for a few days while I was at my workshop and Alan was wrapping up a tour in Ontario. It was so nice to have some quality family time and Caleb couldn't have been happier to have a house guest.

I wanted to share a few incredible quotes that Caleb has come up with over the past few weeks. He is really making us laugh a lot these days with his imaginative expressions.

One having to go to bed while it was still light out following the time change:
"But mommy, it is still a little bit morning!"

After dropping and breaking a toy:
"It's not a big deal, it's just a small deal"

Watching me pour milk into his morning cereal:
"Milk in my cereal?!? That's craaaazy!"

Another beakfast conversation:
Me: "Caleb can I have one of your grapes?"
Caleb: "No, sorry mommy, these are for my children." (No idea where this one came from!)

Practicing his 'angry' face!

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(Grampy) Greg said...

The other day on Skype he said he had pancakes for breakfast. Then we started talking about Ringo.I asked him if Ringo had pancakes for breakfast. He said "Probably not."