Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun with nature!

 I was trying to think of fun art projects for Cale and I to do over the weekend and decided that instead of buying new supplies, we should just head to the beach and see what we could find. It turned into a really fun activity for both of us. Turns out there is no better way to keep a 2 year old happy than with some paints, a bottle of glue and a pile of rocks! I think I know what Alan will be getting this Father's Day!

Mussel shell butterflies
Bottom right is a picture of dad (which I'm sure you could tell)
Work of a budding sculpture
Pinecone porcupine


Grandma Linda said...

Very cute! Of course, I think he's ready for his first exibition!

Kathy said...

So creative!!! You guys rule when it comes to crafts.