Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting ready to go

Loving the rides at Sandspit!
Almost a month has slipped by without a new post. I guess that is to be expected during such an insanely busy month - packing, moving, wrapping up projects at work, learning new research methods for my Jamaica project - it has been non stop. We even managed to squeeze in some fun. A family trip to PEI with Greg, Linda and the girls, a canoe adventure with Tyvonn, lots of hikes and time in the sun. Thankfully, Caleb has been patient in the midst of all the madness going on around him. I've learned that an amazing way to keep a 2 year old busy when you are swamped with packing boxes is to give him a squirt bottle. He has spent at least a couple of hours over the past month squirting the windows, 'helping' mom clean! 

Caleb showing off some beach glass to our NEW CAMERA!!!

Having a laugh with Ty
This time next week I'll be updating the blog from Jamaica!  We leave on Saturday morning. Can't wait to share our adventure with you!

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Grandma Linda said...

I've been packed for weeks, sitting by the door. Don't want to miss the plane!!

How lucky we are to be able to see Cale every day for 29 days.