Saturday, February 14, 2015

True love

Happy Valentine's Day
We are at home, preparing for *another* snow storm and enjoying our day together. Nothing too special, but special all the same because we are together, healthy, happy and surrounded by love. I must say that the love a mother receives from her children is a truly miraculous thing, but the love a mother receives from a young baby is on a whole other level.

Anyone who has spent anytime with Odie and I knows that his love for his mama runs deep. Really, really deep. I don't remember it being quite so obvious with Caleb, but with Odin it is hard to ignore. He literally lights up when I enter the room. He fixates his eyes on me and stares with sheer adoration. I'll often catch him staring at me, and when I catch his eye, he bursts into a giant, heart-melting smile. If he is fussing or crying in someone else's arms, he will stop as soon as he is back with his mama. He can go from a scream to a smug smile in 1 second flat. This is quite a superpower to hold over someone, and I take his unwavering trust and love very seriously, even if it makes me laugh at times (and likely frustrates others). Knowing that just my presence or my touch can have such an impact on him is amazing, and it may lead to attachment issues or something down the road, but for now I am revelling in it, knowing that it won't last forever. And to be fair, he does love others as well...his dad for sure, as well as his brother, grandparents and other family have all won a special place in his heart. He often treats people to his smiles and laughter, so he does spread his love around, but he definitely saves his best love for me!

Odin's eyes are a really interesting colour right now. They are very bright, but they aren't blue. More of a grey/green/light brown shade. 
 I left the room the other day and Odie was broken hearted, as if he knew for sure that I'd never be coming back. And the thought crossed my mind that I will never leave him and in fact, he will be the one who will one day leave me- off to college, off to travel, off wherever life takes him - and I'll be the one left behind, watching him go, brokenhearted (but hopefully not expressing it through a screaming fit). Caleb was also attached, and still is to a large extent, but he now needs his mother less and less all the time. He even asked me while we were playing last week if I could pretend to be Ava! Ouch, my first time playing second fiddle!

Caleb is also learning about love, and how to be a loving big brother. There are many lessons he has learned including:

1. Never touch a sleeping baby, no matter how cute he looks
2. Never put your finger in the mouth of a teething baby
3. Try your best not to kiss a baby when your face is covered in jam, or other sticky substances
4. It feels great to hug a baby, but it feels not so great for the baby if the hug is too tight
5. It is most effective to be more than 5 cm away from a baby's face when trying to make him smile or laugh
6. Roaring suddenly within close proximity to a baby's unsuspecting ear may result in crying
7. Most of all, don't stop trying because the rewards, when they come, are so incredibly worth it.

I'll add to this list as I continue to notice these little things that make me smile!


Grandma Linda said...

Beautiful Ash!!
And we're worming our way into Oddie's heart too but it is taking more work than it did with Caleb for sure :)

Anonymous said...

You are so spot on with your observations. I know time will change some of this, but I know you are enjoying it for now. I remember when Kimberly started to really value Kathy's opinion... she was only about 4 years old at the time. She would ask me something, and I would answer, then she would turn to Kathy and say " Is that right Kathy?" Always brought a smile to my face. Maureen