Monday, February 23, 2015

Sick baby blues

All bundled up: So sick, yet still so cute. He didn't move from this position during our hour long walk over the weekend. 
Odin has developed an ear infection that has him feeling sore, feverish, fussy and very lethargic. I love that he will finally rest his head on my shoulder and cuddle instead of squirming and attempting to stand on his own all day, but there is nothing worse than the completely helpless feeling of a sick baby crying in your arms. Cutting new teeth (he now has 5), drooling and a runny nose hasn't helped the situation. He's basically a snotty mess but hopefully he will be on the mend soon and back to his smiling self. I miss my happy little man, and my arms are tired from not being able to put him down!

Oh, hello there bottom teeth!!
Before he was struck down with his illness, we had a very exciting week. Odie tried his first bites of food. We started with rice cereal, and have added bananas (successfully) and carrots (not so successfully). Cale was super excited to be part of feeding him. Once we had decided to give it a try, he began chanting at me to 'Pump some milk! Pump some milk!' so we could mix it with the dry cereal and get the feeding started!! I can't believe how quickly my little man is growing up.

Odie wasn't nearly as excited as Caleb was about trying his first bites.
But he soon discovered how much fun and messy food can be!
I'm so out of practice that I didn't even think to put a bib on Odie!! I won't be making that mistake again anytime soon!
As the end of February approaches, we are getting ready to pack our bags and move once again. We've been staying at a great house in Douglas, overlooking the St. John River. It is the home of friend's parents who spend the winter in Florida and we've been here since November 1. Staying here has worked out wonderfully well for all of us. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that this is the 9th home that Caleb has lived in. How crazy is that??? We are destined to be vagabonds for life it seems. The Unintentional Nomads will be the name of our first family band.

Next up for us, however, is something I'm super excited about - a giant road trip!! I'm flying with the boys to meet up with my parents in Florida and Alan, being the wonderful man that he is, is driving solo down to meet us. The 4 of us will spend a week with my parents and then take 2-3 weeks to drive back up the coast together, stopping to visit friends, family and hopefully some amazing roadside attractions along the way! A family adventure was something we really wanted to make happen during my maternity leave and I'm so excited that my dream is coming true in only 2 short weeks!! 

We're hitting the road, and *hopefully* they won't be snow-covered!


Kathy said...

Great post! Excited for your trip and looking forward to some postcards! Try mixing the carrot with applesauce, and then add less and less apples, it might help, that worked for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Ashley we have gotten so use to have you around that we are really going to notice the difference when your away. Having said that, I know you will have a wonderful time. Won't Caleb have some great stories when he gets back?