Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting to know Caleb

I've been playing around with the movie program on our new Mac and came up with this little clip of Caleb's first couple of days at home. Thanks, dad, for thinking of the perfect song....Enjoy!


Grandma Linda said...

I don't like this video. It makes me cry and ruins my carefully applied mascara!

Anonymous said...

WELL WELL WELL,,That's one of the nicest idea's
i've ever heard of and i'm sure it will be a great
keep sake waaaay down the road. as we've said
congrats to mom and pop. I just can't seem to
figure out who seems to be the most proud wether
it's grampie jefferies or dad, or mom for that
matter. Looks like a musician to me John, what do
you think. All that's missing is the instrument
and the stage. Seems I can see it in my mind C YA
Wendell and Bonnie Ross

Anonymous said...

Awesome videos and pics. Thanks so much for keeping all the "relatives" up to day. I know it takes time Ashley and you may not have a lot of that - lately! Beautiful stuff!! Good choice of music Alan.
love tess

Anonymous said...

precious precious precious......and great choice of song ....

Anonymous said...

Is it deja vu or what. I seem to remember a little guy who looked much like Caleb 20 some years ago. Congrats to both of you.

Murray and Gerrie