Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't worry about a thing

I noticed that Cale didn't look overly happy in the crib photo I posted last time, so I thought I'd put together a couple of clips of him smiling that I've collected over the past month. You'll see what I mean about him almost shooting out of the baby tub in the last clip! I hope this one makes Grandmama Linda as weepy as the last video did!


Anonymous said...

That's Grampie's boy, alright......chip off the ole block, I'd say......
Grampie JJ

Anonymous said...

What a cutie... bias showing.
Keep them coming Ashley

Ashley said...

Thanks, guys! It might be my mother's pride talking, but I think he is pretty adorable, too!
We think he's starting to look more like a Jeffries all the time. I can see both grandfathers in him for sure.

Ma said...

Ash, I start every morning with this little video! How could anyone have a bad day after that start?
Grandma Linda