Friday, November 19, 2010

Home, home again

Someday these will all be mine!!
So good to be here when I can. Alan is on tour in the UK for a week, opening for Jools Holland and playing to crowds of several thousand in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Leeds. That means Cale and I are back in Fredericton for a week. We've been havnig lots of fun times with the grandparents, cousins and other baby friends. As you will see below, he has learned a few new tricks over the past couple of days. Tomorrow I'm off to Cocagne with 14 ladies for Lydia's stagette party! Should be a blast.
Enjoying Linda's new glass tables

Thankfully, we don't have stairs at home


Anonymous said...

His pj's make me want to cuddle him so so much!

Ashley said...

Aren't they great! Another amazing hand-me-down from Kim.