Monday, November 1, 2010


Our 8 tooth Caleb pumpkin

Cale had a great first Halloween. We spent the evening in town to pass out candy and have a nice dinner with our friends Cate and Jordan. Cale happily munched on tofu, roasted red peppers, noodles but no candy! We were laughing at some parents who were trick or treating with babies even younger than Cale. There is no way the baby is eating all the candy...maybe Alan and I should've taken him out to stock up on treats for ourselves! We didn't have a clever costume for Cale this year, but we couldn't resist using some things from around the house to do a little photo shoot.

Elmer Fudd

Our good friend and bassist Kyle Cunjak


Anonymous said...

oh my GOD I love the Kyle Cunjak Costume!!!

Grandma Linda said...

You guys are so funny! Caleb will be hiding these before his wedding day!