Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Double Digits!

Another sharp outfit. This one is a gift from Aunt Angela. So sweet!

Our little boy is 10 months old!! People always say that the first few years go by too quickly, and they are so right. I can't believe our tiny baby is going to be 1 soon! Thankfully I have two more months of maternity leave and I plan to fully enjoy every minute of it. Especially the minutes under the sun in Barbados!!

Last night my dad and Eric Leblanc were in town to see Alan and Kyle play with David at the Carleton. This is a great venue for musicians because no one is allowed to talk while the band is playing, which is basically my dad's dream show. It was a really great time. Lydia and Nick and a few other friends joined us and the band was amazing, as always.

I was so happy that Katrina had offered to babysit for us, but I admit I was a bit worried about how it would go. I definitely spoke to soon on the sleep improvement front in my last couple of blog postings. After catching a cold and spending a week in Fredericton, Cale is back to waking frequently and has basically reverted to sleeping with me for most of the night. This is going to change starting tonight, but in the meantime I was really worried that he would be a bit of a nightmare for Katrina and her roommates. I dropped him off with lots of warning that he may not sleep at all and headed for the show. I was very happy when I called to check in during set break that although he wasn't sleeping, he had been very happy and having a great time. So far, so good. Then during the encore (my favorite song Pair of Shoes which you can see here) I heard my phone vibrate. My stomach dropped. I was sure they had been going through an hour of crying and finally broke down and called me. I glanced down at the text and read 'he's been sound asleep for awhile, so take your time'!! Whooooohooo...what a relief! When I went to pick Cale up he was sound asleep, in Katrina's arms on the couch!! I should have taken a picture! Apparently he was great all night and then just wore himself out and slept happily with her while the girls watched a Christmas movie! When I left they said the best thing I could have heard 'We can't wait to babysit him again!' Thanks Katrina!!!

Here are a few pics of Cale's latest trick - trying to stand on his own.

So proud of himself!

This takes concentration

Going down (aka Elvis legs)

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Anonymous said...

oh Ashley! I thought he looked so grown up in the last blog pic. He looks like a little man. It breaks my heart and makes me happy all at the same time.