Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sneakers and sleepers

Well, Alan and I decided it was time to take the final step in our relationship - matching shoes! If only they had kids sizes, all three of us would be sporting new kicks!! No one has commented on our matching foot wear yet, but we've definitely received a few approving glances (at least we interpreted them that way) so we are feeling like hip, young parents again!

I didn't know if I would ever write this - but Caleb slept through the night! From 8-6. This is a hugely significant event in our lives and has taken weeks of hard work to finally get to this point. I think just being at home for a month helped us get into a good, consistent routine, but we also held firm to our no night time feeding and no picking up rules. The successes have been gradual to get us to this point. For the first several nights if Cale woke up, we'd go to his room and rub his back until he fell back asleep. Then we began letting him try to fall back to sleep on his own, which he seemed quite ready to do and never cried for more than a 5 minute period. Now if he wakes up at night he is able to settle himself back to sleep quickly and we don't have to go into his room at all. Yay for sleep!!!

It feels so good to know that once he is down, he will stay down instead of just waiting for him to wake back up in an hours time. It gives Alan and I our evenings to ourselves and already I'm sleeping more soundly and feeling much more rested than I have for well over a year. Now, let's hope we can keep this up when I head back to Fredericton for a week.

Bedtimes are no trouble for this grown up boy!


John Booker said...

Tread lightly in those "sneakers" when the "sleeper" is asleep!

H said...

Way to go Caleb - good job little guy!