Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Race

Final pumpkin preparations

Today Caleb and I headed to the beach to watch the 9th Annual Duncan's Cove Pumpkin Race. On Halloween weekend each year, everyone from the Cove brings their carved pumpkins to the waters edge as the tide begins to go out. Each pumpkin must have a candle placed inside. The winning pumpkin is the first float pass a designated buoy, with the candle still lit! Unfortunately, our car broke down in town yesterday before I was able to pick up my pumpkin so we didn't have an entry this year. Many of the pumpkins made it out to sea, but several took in water and sunk. It was really a sight to see. Afterwards there was a wine and cheese party (as well as the trophy presentation) at a neighbours house, so Caleb was able to make many new friends. He basically crawled around until he ran into a pair of shoes, then he would pull himself up and stand there tugging on the persons pant legs until they picked him up! I'm sure everyone at the party held him at some point, and he was as mellow and content as ever. He seemed just as happy in my arms as he was in the arms of a complete stranger. I'll post some more Halloween pictures tomorrow as well as an exciting sleep update!

I also have one new bird for my Duncans Cove list - the snow bunting. The books say they typically arrive in coastal areas around the Maritimes at the end of October, so this guy was right on time!

Heading out to sea
(and don't worry, only biodegradable products were allowed!)

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H said...

Hey Ash - looks like you guys are having tons of fun out at Duncan's Cove! Such a cool idea on the pumpkin race!

Caleb - you are quite the chameleon! Looking forward to hanging out in Barbados little dude!