Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home videos

I love my Ergo baby carrier. Thanks again, Harris! It is super comfortable for both of us, easy to travel with and works well for babies of all sizes. I think we started using this when Caleb was still only 3-4 weeks old. We have recently graduated to the backpack mode, and Cale is loving it!
It's been awhile since I've posted a video, and Caleb has gone through many milestones in the past few months, so I've put together this little video montage! He seems to already enjoy hamming it up for the camera.


Grandma Linda said...

So adorable Ashley! Can't wait to see him next week.

Dr. Jillian Murphy said...

Oh, we love our Ergo too! So much! Can't wait to start using it with baby #2!!!

PS Caleb gets cuter everyday:) What a star!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby you have Ashley. You guys are doing a great job!! And I also LOVE my ergo, it's so comfortable.