Friday, October 1, 2010

Tricks and talents of an 8 month old

Having a laugh with his toy car

Cale's personality is really starting to shine. He is a hurricane for sure - strong, physical, determined - but also incredibly happy, social and curious. A friendly, inquisitive yet powerful hurricane, you might say! He is extremely close to a full on crawl (his record is 7 hands forward in a row) but is still in what we call the sweeping stage, where he pulls himself on his belly across our floors collecting any dust particles in his path. If only he had a sponge suit, he could do our mopping as well! He still smiles at everyone he meets and occasionally will see someone across the room and stare at them for as long as it takes to make eye contact and get a smile in return. Most people seem to love this, but once in awhile in a restaurant he will twist completely around to give someone the stare down but the person averts his eyes and won't return his glance. At this point we need to distract him so the staring contest doesn't continue for an uncomfortably long time! He has 7 1/2 teeth and is making more sounds and eating more foods everyday. He loves to pull himself up into the standing position and laughs when you help him walk across the room. He loves cars and balls but doesn't seem too interested in stuffed animals. When he is on the move there is clearly an object he is determined to get to and everything else is simply an obstacle in his path. He seems particularly interested in cords, outlets, the dog's dishes and houseplants at the moment, so we are in the process of rearranging each room to make them 'hurricane proof'.

Baby on the loose!

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