Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fifteen months of fun

I'm happy to say that we have a healthy household once again. Caleb still has a runny nose, but I think I have to accept that as a fact of life now that he is in daycare. It only seems to bother him if we refuse his snotty kisses.

It has been another month of huge changes. We are having such a fun time exploring the great outdoors. Cale discovered his first ever puddle last week which was pretty hilarious to watch, and he loves touching all the grass, trees and flowers that we see. There is definitely no such thing as walking anywhere quickly with him, but that is just fine with me.

Taking time to stop and touch the branches

He sleeps from 7-5:30 consistently and falls asleep without even a peep. Once we are finished our books, I can just lay him down in the crib, give his seashell mobile a twirl and he is out like a light. He will ask for more books or baa baa black sheep in an attempt to stay up a bit later, but all in all, it is a pretty easy process and a remarkable improvement from where we were a few months ago.

I've lost count of how many words Caleb can say. Most he pronounces really well, others not so much (monkey and Greggy sound a lot alike), but he sure is willing to try and say just about anything. Since last weekend his new favorite word is Aly which he says multiple times a day. Most of the things he says are ridiculously adorable, but he has a few words now that are not so cute. He has started saying 'Owww' which would be fine, but he sometimes says it quite loudly when I've just barely touched him. I'm hoping he doesn't pull that one out in public anytime soon. I also made the mistake of saying the word 'booby' one time when he wanted to nurse so of course, now he says 'booby, booby' all the time. We are desperately trying to break that one and replace it with the malagash word 'NuNu' which is a little less conspicuous! We need to be careful of what we say around him nowadays!

Too cool for school

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Emily said...

Too funny! I once worked with a little boy who was obsessed with firetrucks. Unfortunately for his parents his pronunciation would sound like "fuckfuck" which he would gleefully scream out in public when he saw any truck! Hope that makes you feel better about booby!