Saturday, October 29, 2011

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I'm not quite sure where this one came from, but Caleb no longer uses the word no. Instead he opts for 'no way', in a drawn out sing-songy voice. No waaaay. All the time. Want to read a book? No waaay! Want to put on your slippers? No waaay! Ready for your bath? No waaay! Do you like your supper? No waaay!

The other new words he is experimenting? 'I need'. This really came out yesterday when he repeatedly said 'I need a pretzel.' Not I want, or I'd like...I NEED. First words this morning - ' I NEED a pretzel' We even sang a song about pretzels for about half an hour at 8 am. Thankfully the bag of pretzels is now gone, but I think in the future, Alan and I need to be a bit more sneaky with our snacks!

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