Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday bonfires and homemade baby food

After being kindly reminded by Mary that it has been awhile since my last post, I decided I needed to get to it! Yesterday was Lydia's 31st birthday so we had a seafood themed BBQ and bonfire at our place. A heavy rain passed by half an hour before people arrived and then it turned into a beautiful clear evening. I was disappointed that no one dressed up as a lobster, but we did feast on mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari, salmon, s'mores and delicious bananas cooked on the open fire. It was my first attempt at roasted bananas, we just split them and left them on coals until they were soft, then added some honey on top. An amazing desert. Next time I'm going to try wrapping them in foil and putting some chocolate inside. We even saw plenty of shooting stars to top off a great evening.

Caleb is absolutely loving his solid foods. So far we've had great luck with apple, avacado, banana, sweet potato, chicken, carrots and a couple of iron-fortified grain cereals. It has been fun for me to learn how to prepare and store baby food. Kathy gave me a great book called The Baby's Table with lots of recipes. I've been trying to make large batches and then store the leftovers in BPA-free ice cube trays. Then one cube can be used as a meal when needed. He actually eats about 3 cubes a meal already (0nce in the morning and once before bed), so my supplies will be used up quickly.

Sweet potatoes ready to go in the freezer.

Finally, I hardly want to write this for fear of cursing myself, but Caleb fell asleep on his own in the crib today! He is still sleeping now, so I'm typing very quietly! No nursing, no mom by his side, just fell right asleep. He also slept for close to a 5 hour period 2 nights ago, so maybe we are making some progress. Not bad considering he is still super stuffy with a cold and has not one, but two teeth coming through.

In the crib and SLEEPING! This was a risky photo op,
but a moment I wanted to capture!


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Anonymous said...

Way to go Cale! Ry and I were talking and we can't wait for a visit to the Cove!

Kathy said...

Very Very Very happy to hear about Caleb!! And happy to see a new post, I really look forward to them!